CHAI  Kerala Chapter Formed

The Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Most. Rev. Dr. Justin Wembley releases Prof. George Menachery's lattest book "Ecumenism and Church Unity in India" during the 11th General Assembly of the WCC at Karlsruhe, Germany on 7th Sept., Presenting the first copy to Marthoma Bishop for America Mar Philexinos. Bishop Mar Abraham, Prof. Menachery, Rev. Azaria, Prof. Indira Jetti are in the picture.


The Archbishop of Canterbury Lord most reverend Dr.Justin Wembly released the book " Ecumenism and Church unity in India " by Chev.Prof. George Menachery at the 11th assembly of the wcc held at Karlsruhe in Germany, presenting the first copy to Bishop Mar Philexinos, the Marthoma Bishop for America and Europe.In the picture are besides Prof.Menachery , Bishop Mar Abraham, Rev.Azaria and Prof.Indira Jetti. In the assembly held from Aug 31 to Sept 8 the 800 odd Asian delegates were addressed by 10 persons from Asia and Oceania including Prof. George Menachery, the only Catholic layman from India, on the problems of the churches in these parts.

Bangaluru, March 6, 2015.

During the course of the CHAI workshop held at the DVK Research Center Bangalore ably led by Dr. D. Sami of the Chennai Loyola College conducted for CHAI office-bearers and CHAI  writers of the History of Christianity in India Project participants from Kerala got together to form a Kerala Chapter of the Church History Association of India under the guidance of National President Dr. Jetti A. Oliver and other national leaders and reputed scholars. For a long time the feeling was there that in spite of the presence and availability  of a large number of Church History scholars in Kerala there was no forum, especially no ecumenical forum, where they could come together for study, research, and exchange of thoughts and findings. This feeling was also expressed by the scholars who participated in the Dr. Mathias Mundadan National Seminar conducted at JEEVASS Alwaye.

The following office-bearers were elected for the Kerala Chapter of CHAI:

Prof. George Menachery (President), Dr. Varghese Perayil (Vice-President), and Dr. Charles Dias (Secretary cum Treasurer). Those members of CHAI and others interested in the activities of the Chapter and wish to register may contact the Secretary.


Contact editor at / 

Towards a Historiography of Martyr Devasahayam

J. ROSARIO NARCHISON, Indian School of Asian Theology, Whitefield.

CHAI Paper. Reproduced from India’s Christian Heritage
Ed. Dr. Oberland Snaitang & Chev. Prof. George Menachery
Dharmaram, Bangalore 23


Prof. George Menachery honoured with the Athi Vishishta Gurushreshta Award


Fr. Dr..Sebastian Karotemprel, SDB passes away

Well known Church Historian Fr. Sebastian Karotemprel, SDB, long associated with CHAI activities passed away on July 20 at Shillong. He was 83. Father Karotemprel had authored several books and was a great authority on matters related to the Church, esp. The North Eastern Churches. “He has left behind a legacy of theological authenticity, academic rigour and indefatigable labour,” said Archbishop of Shillong Diocese, Reverend Dominic Jala.. Sometime Professor of Theology of Mission at the Pontifical Urban University, Rome and member of the International Theological Commission he was a member of the Salesian Guwahati/ Shillong Province. Founder editor of the pioneerring Indian Missiological Review now named “Mission Today”., Dr. Karotempral, brother of Bishop Emeritus Gregory Karotempral of Rajkot, also was chiefly instrumental in starting the seven-storey Don Bosco anthropological museum in Mawlai. He was a key resource person at CHAI’s Shillong Triennial. May his soul rest in peace.

Ed. Dr. O. L. Snaitang & Prof. George Menachery
CHAI Publication
The Church History Association of India
Rs. 1200 US$ 60
Order from: CHAI, Dharmaram College
Dharmaram College PO, Bangalore - 29

Dr. John C. B. Webster's
"North West India in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries"

CHAI is planning to release the book History of Christianity in India, Vol V, Part 2 written by
Dr. John C. B. Webster: "North West India in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries"
on October 30, 2012 at the Constitution Club of India, Rafi Marg, Behind Reserve Bank of India, New Delhi, 110001 at 4 pm..
All students and scholars of History, and Church History in particular are welcome.


Dr. A. Mathias Mundadan Passed Away


Prof. Dr. A Mathias Mundadan (1923−2012), CMI, was an authority on History of Christianity in India. He has written numerous books and articles on Indian Church History. He has served in various capacities including as the President of CHAI, General Editor of CHAI series, Rector of Dharmaram College, President of DPI, Provinicial of CMI Rajagiri Province, Professor of History at Dharmaram College, etc. He was in his late eighties and was serving as the Associate Editor of Indian Church History Review. 

Funeral will be held on Sept 1, 2012 at St.Antony’s Monastery, Aluva, at 2.30 pm.

CHAI representatives add from Alwaye:


World renowned Indian Church Historian Dr. A. M. Mundadan, General Editor of the prestigious History of Christianity in India series of the Church History Association of India (CHAI), and first president of the Dharmaram Pontifical Institute, Bangalore passed away at 4.30 p. m. yesterday the 31st of August 2012 at Alwaye, Ernakulam.  The funeral will take place today 1st September at 2.30 p. m. at the St. Ant[h]ony’s Monastery, Alwaye next to the railway station and a few metres away from the KSRTC station, where he was residing now for a number of years nursing the research institute Jeevass which was very close to his heart. A member of the editorial board of the St. Thomas Christian Encyclopaedia of India from 1971 and the organiser of a number of Christian Cultural and Historical Exhibitions, beginning with the exhibition at Dharmaram College, 1972, he has a number of publications to his credit including: The History of Christianity in India upto the Middle of the Sixteenth Century(CHAI 1984), The Arrival of the Portuguese in India and the Thomas Christians under Mar Jacob, 1498 – 1552 (1967), Sixteenth Century Traditions of St. Thomas Christians (1970), Indian Christians: Search for Identity and Struggle for Autonomy (1984). He was the Rector of Dharmaram College and the Provincial of the Sacred Heart Province, Rajagiri of the CMI Congregation for more than one term each. The last article he had completed was autobiographical in nature written for CHAI’s Platinum Jubilee Volume India’s Christian Heritage, edited by Dr. Oberland Snaitang and Prof. George Menachery. Bishop Gratian Mundadan is the younger brother of the deceased.  May his great soul rest in peace. Prof. George Menachery, Sebastian Edathikkavil CMI, and Dr. Charles Dias, M. P. laid a wreath at the bier on behalf of the Church History Association of India. Dr. Oliver Jetti, President, Dr. George Oommen, Gen. Secretary, and Dr. Francis Thonippara, Treasurer of the CHAI conveyed their condolences. The funeral was attended by the major archbishop His Beatitude George Cardinal Alencherry, more than a dozen bishops and archbishops and a host of other dignitaries from the political, cultural, religious, and scholarly worlds.

Prof. Dr. K. J. John our Secretary General passes away

Dear friends,

As some of you have already come to know, we are saddened to note the sudden passing away of our friend and co-worker Dr.John Ochanthuruth,  the Secretary General of CHAI around 4 am on Monday the 27th February, 2012 at his home in Calicut.  

Evidently, he suffered a massive heart attack and before he could be shifted to the hospital, the end came leaving the members of the family and scores of friends in grief.  

Yesterday I have arrived in Nagpur from Hyderabad and during a session of a meeting of the NCCI,  I received a telephone call around 11.30 am from the only daughter of Dr.John to this effect.  Later,  I also got a message through my office in Hyderabad very kindly sent  by Prof.George Menachery who was camping in Kodaikanal.  Thereafter received a call from Dr.Francis Thoniappara our Treasurer and we discussed the possibility of some of us to be present at the funeral service of Dr.John.  Fr.Francis had some very important meetings lined up for Tuesday and still he was working on the possibilities to be in Calicut.  Unfortunately,  my best efforts for connections to Calicut did not materialize.  I was able to speak to our leader and co-worker Dr.Charles Dias, M.P. who was already on his way to Calicut. This morning,  he informed me that he was able to lay a wreath on behalf of CHAI.  

Only on Sunday the 19th,  the Catholic Forum of Kerala in cooperation with KCBC organized a fitting programme during which time Dr.John was honoured with the award of “Samudayaratna” .  I was able to greet him in person on behalf of the CHAI fraternity and I was hoping to write to you all about this event to share the joy and before I could wind up my travels, this unexpected thing happened.  The mortal remains of Dr.John are being laid to rest this afternoon around 3 pm today.  While we all would have loved that Dr.John continued to live and serve, we can only gracefully accept God’s timetable which is perfect.  We need to remember his dear wife and the only daughter who are braving this very personal loss with Christian maturity.   We have indeed lost an eminent historian, a prolific writer with guts to call spade a spade.  We thank God for his life and service and we seek God’s protection and providence to his wife and daughter, friends and relatives scattered far and wide.  May his soul rest in peace. 

In solidarity, 


(President, CHAI)

Dear CHAI Family members,                                                                                                                                  


Greetings in the Risen Lord. With profound sorrow and  great sense of loss I communicate you all, the beloved members of CHAI family, the sudden and unexpected demise of Dr. John Ochanthuruth (K. J. John)General Secretary of CHAI  and former head of the Department of History, Calicut University, Kerala.  He was called by his Master and left for the eternal reward on Monday, February 27, early morning after a massive heart attack.  As I was told his pilgrimage on this earth came to an end at 4.45 a.m. He already reached the heavenly abode before arriving the hospital.

The funeral will take place this afternoon at 3.00 p.m. in  St.Michael’s Church, West Hill, Calicut, and Kerala.  He is survived by his beloved wife Prof. Wilma and one daughter Lisma.  Let us all join the bereaved family and the dear and the near ones to share their sorrows, and  to console them.  May the departed soul rest in peace.

I recall with profound gratitude the contributions of Dr. K. J. John to CHAI.  As we are having the national bundh (hartal) today, Fr. Sebastian and myself could not attend the funeral. There is no transportation from Bangalore to Calicut from yesterday night till this evening.  Dr. Oliver Jetty, President CHAI, is in Nagpur and Prof. George Menacherry is in Kodaikanal However, our beloved M.P. and CHAI official, Dr. Charles Dias will represent the CHAI family for the funeral.

Dr. John, whom I know for the last 12 years, is a rare combination of theoretical knowledge and practical wisdom, a rare combination of scholar both in secular history and church history.  His organizational capacity is unparallel and he is a prolific writer.  He always defended the due rights of the Christian’s in Kerala, especially of the Latin Christians.

He was the spokesperson of the Latin Church in Kerala.  On Sunday February 19, Dr. John was honored with a special award,Sabharathnam (jewel of the church). Although I was invited, I could not attend the function.  My last conversation with him was on February19, that too, to congratulate him.  CHAI President, Dr. Oliver was there to attend the function representing all the CHAI family members.

Br. John  has written on the same day in `Deepika, Malayalam newspaper, defending the role played by  Fr. Mathews, OCD in compiling the Hortus Malabariacus, Perhaps, that might be his last written work.

Dear friend and colleague John, we really miss you, we bid farewell to you.

 We bow our heads before the Divine plan

Francis Thonippara, CMI

Treasurer, CHAI

DR KJ JOHN passes away

No Indian Church historian, or general historian for that matter, could resist a sense of immense loss at the most untimely demise of Prof. Dr. K. J. John Ochanthuruth, Secretary General of the Church History Association of India, and former Head of the Department of History and Archaeology at the Calicut University, at 4.30 am on Monday 27th February, 2012 at his home in Calicut.

I was in Kodaikkanal in the middle of a photography expedition of the East Coast of India when Alexander telephoned me the news, which I could not believe, as it was most unexpected since I had congratulated John on his Hortus Malabaricus press conference only the other day, and I informed Dr. Jetti and Dr. Thonippara and others soon  around 11 a. m. after I verified the information more than once from different sources. 

It was only a few days before his sad passing that he was honoured with the Samudaya Ratnam award of the Kochi-based Catholic Forum in recognition of his contribution to the Latin Catholic community in Kerala. Dr. Ochanthuruth has done extensive research and published many scholarly papers on the history of Christianity in Kerala.

It was only a few months back that he had organised a very elaborate national seminar at Kochi on Christianity in India with the active collaboration of Dr. Charles Dias, M. P., Dr. Jos Kalappura and others which was attended by almost all well known Church historians of India irrespective of Church and denomination. He had conducted another similar seminar one or two years before also.

The publication of his work ‘Christian Heritage of Kerala’ in 1976 or so – I could not contribute the article on Art and Architecture which John had kindly asked me to write for that volume - and his well researched book ‘The Road to Diamper’ established him as one of the foremost Church historians of the state.

My own acquaintance with him started in the early seventies when I used to visit the Department of History at the Calicut University to consult the library and to discuss problems in Kerala History with Dr. M. G. S. Narayanan, and with some of his brilliant students like Dr. Veluthat Kesavan. Ochanthuruth’s interest in archaeology was one thing that very much attracted me. Earlier his wife Dr. Wilma John, Professor at the Providence College, had contributed an exhaustive and authoritative  article on the Basel Mission on the West Coast to the first volume of my St. Thomas Christian Encyclopaedia of India. Dr. John organised some interesting seminars under the auspices of the University of Calicut where I had been kindly requested to present papers. I had also the good fortune to serve along with Dr. John on the Advisory Board of Archaeology of the Government of Kerala, the Executive Committee of the Census of India Publications (Kerala) and other bodies in all of which his presence and contributions were much appreciated by all, the expert members and officials included.

Just a few days before he left us he had conducted a well covered press conference on Hortus Malabaricus, the 333rd anniversary of which publication falls this year, in which  he clarified many points on its compilation often mis-represented by scholars and others. This was another example for his great commitment to veracity in matters historical.

My association with him in the Church History Association of India goes back to many years and even decades. When he was unanimously elected Secretary General of the Association at Hyderabad this October we all envisaged great progress for the association under the leadership of Dr. John along with Dr. Oliver Jetti, Dr. Thonippara and others. In fact he had already initiated consultations on many matters which could have benefited  CHAI considerably. But alas that was not to be. 

George Menachery




Hyderabad 2011

Inauguration of the 15th Triennial Conference of CHAI, the Church History Association of India at Jeevan Jyothi CRI Andhra Pradesh Centre by the Cultural Secretary of the Govt. of AP Dr. Chellappa IAS presided over by Dr. Sen IPS DGP and Bishop Rajaratnam of Medak. In the picture (l to r) are Prof. George Menachery (Secretary General CHAI), Dr. Oberland Snaitang (President), Dr. George Oommen (Dehra Dun), Dr. Jos Kalappura (Patna), Dr. Francis Thonippara (President DVK, Bangalore) and Prof. Agnes DeSa (Bombay Jt. Secretary) (6th Oct)

Inauguration of the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations of CHAI the Church History Association of India at the Jubilee Hall of the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh by Sri Francisco Sardhanha, former speaker and Chief Minister of Goa and at present MP and Chairman of the Plarliamentary Estimates Committee by releasing the 1000 page Platinum Jubilee Volume of CHAI "Christian Heritage of India". Others in the picture are Sebastian Edathikkavil cmi (Treasurer), Dr. Oliver A. Jetti (Allahabad University and President of the Organising Committee), Ms. Christine MLA, Swami Aravinda (President of the State Hare Krishna Movement), Prof. George Menachery (Secretary General), Dr. Oberland Snaitang (President CHAI), Dr. "Cardinal" Thomas Edmunds (Vice-President), and Dr. Charles Dias MP (Chai Member and Office Bearer).


Download - "India's Christian Heritage" - The Dust Jacket

The Church History Association of India

The following were unanimously elected Office Bearers for the next three year period:

President: Rev.Dr. J. Oliver Jetti

Vice –President: Dr. MS. Joan Dias

Secretary General: Dr. K.J. John Ochanthuruth

Joint Secretary:  Rev.Dr. George Oommen

Treasurer: Rev. Dr. Francis Thonippara

Elected Members to the BOT:

1.Rev. Pratab Digal

2. Rev. H. Lalvin Thanga

General Editor, History of Christianity in India Project: Fr. Dr. A.M. Mundaden CMI

Eexecutive Editor, ICHR: Dr. Fr. Jose Kalapura s.j.





                                      6TH – 9TH OCTOBER, 2011 – JEEVAN JYOTHI, BEGUMBET, HYDERABAD-500016





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 The filled in form should be sent to the CHAI Conference & Celebrations Secretariat, Samanvay, Deepthi Chambers, Vijayapuri, Hyderabad-500017, A.P., as early as possible and to reach us not later than 20th Sept. 2011.


                                                                             Prof. George Menachery 

                                                                            Secretary General, CHAI

                                                                  The Church History Association of India

CHAI Platinum Jubilee and 15th Triennial 

The Platinum Jubilee Celebrations and 15th Triennial Conference of  the Church History Association of India (CHAI) will  be held from October 6 to 9, 2011 (i.e. from the Vijayadashami Thursday to the following Sunday) at HYDERABAD,  A.P. at Jeevan Jyothi, Begumpet, Hyderabad. Begumpet is about 4kms from Secunderabad railway station and 6kms from Hyderabad(Nampally) railway station. Bangalore train terminates at Kacheguda railway station which is about 10kms from the venue.Prepaid taxis are available at the Airport.Registration fee for Delegates / Participants is Rs.300/- Boarding and lodging will be provided at no extra cost. The half day city tour also will be financed by the organisers.

Conference Theme:

 Indian  Christian Historical and Cultural Studies -Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow 

1. CHAI is pleased to invite Scholarly Papers related to the above theme, adhering uniformly to any of the standard style sheets, from CHAI members and other scholars. The duration of the paper will be 20 minutes followed by discussion which will not exceed 10 minutes. Title of paper to be sent before the 10th of August 2011; Synopsis to be received by 20th August 2011; and the complete paper to be received before 31st August, 2011 and in any case not later than the 10th of September 2011by e-mail (preferably in MS Word or Adobe Pagemaker) in addition to a hard copy by post or courier addressed to the Secretary General Prof. George Menachery, Pallinada, Ollur, Kerala, 680306;, For other particulars contact the Secretary General 0091 9846033713, +91 487 2352468, +91 487 2354398 or other National office-bearers.

2. The last date for receiving entries for the CHAI Platinum Jubilee All India Essay Competition on the theme"Preservation of Christian Monuments and Landmarks in India" (1000 to 1500 words) is 31st August 2011. Separate competitions are being held for a) Seminarians, b) University and College Students, and c) the General Public. In each category there will be three prizes of Rs. 8000/-, 5000/-, and 2000/-.For further details contact the Convener Dr. Varghese 09447359139, Prof. Agnes De Sa, 09967801723, or the Rev. Jeremiah ACTC Hyderabad 09247463467 or the General Secretary 09846033713.

3. The Platinum Jubilee Commemoration Volume containing 75 scholarly papers on India's Christian Heritage is in the press. For details contact the chief editors Dr. Oberland Snaitang 09856642859 or Prof. George Menachery 09846033713. 

4. Objects of historical, artistic, archaeological...significance are invited for the Christian Historico-Cultural Exhibition to be held at the venue on the theme Indian Christian Heritage of the South, West, North, East, and North-East. Contact the local organising committee: Dr. Oliver 04027002498, Rev. Jeremiah 09247463467 or the CHAI Southern India Branch Secretary cum Treasurer Dr. Manasseh 09848123927.

5. Useful numbers for details regarding registration of delegates and participants, accommodation, travel details, local taxi and auto fares, bus routes, other directions: Dr. Oliver 04027002498, Rev. Jeremiah 09247463467 or the CHAI Southern India Branch Secretary cum Treasurer Dr. Manasseh 09848123927 or the General Secretary 09846033713, 09400494398.

 CHAI members are cordially invited to participate. Other interested scholars also may kindly contact the organisers.

-Prof. George Menachery, General Secretary, CHAI

Pallinada, OLLUR, Thrissur Dt., pin 680 306; Ph. Nos. 0091-98460 33713,

0487-2352468, 0487-2354398, 09400494398.

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CHAI Platinum Jubilee: First Announcement

The Church History Association of India


Platinum Jubilee Celebrations and 15th

Triennial Conference

October 6 to 9, 2011 



Conference Theme : Indian Historical and Cultural Studies -Yesterday,

Today, Tomorrow

A. The Jubilee Celebrations include the following academic programmes:

1. The CHAI is pleased to invite Scholarly Papers related to the above theme from CHAI members and other scholars

2. An Essay Competition on the theme, "Preservation of Christian Monuments and Landmarks in India" is being planned for three categories ofparticipants: a) Seminarians, b) Graduate and Post Graduate University /College Students, c) the General Public.

3. A Panel Discussion by selected scholars during the Jubilee Celebrations(theme to be announced shortly).

4. A Platinum Jubilee Commemoration Volume on India's Christian Heritage

5. A Christian Historic-Cultural Exhibition on the theme Indian Christian Heritage of the South, West, North, East, and North-East to be held at the venue.

Details of all the above programmes will be published in the December 2010

issue of the Indian Church History Review. 

Prof. George Menachery

General Secretary, CHAI

Pallinada, OLLUR, Thrissur Dt., pin 680 306; Ph. Nos. 0091-98460 33713,

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CHAI 14th Triennial Conference, May 5-7, 2009, Shillong
[Guest House Auditorium, North Eastern Hill University Campus]
Papers Presented and other Programmes
May 5, 2009
Inaugural Session
Chief Guest: Prof. Pamod Tandon,
Vice-Chancellor, North-Eastern Hill University
Keynote Address
Dr. Jose Kalapura, Acting General Secretary
“Christianity and Marginalised Communities in India: A Subaltern Historical Overview”
Academic Session-I
Moderator: Dr. Kranti K. Farias
Samuel Jeyakumar
“Christianity as a Change Agent in India Society: Ministry of the Poor and Oppressed Children of India”
Varghese Perayil
“Christianity and Dalit Liberation”
Thomas Edmunds
“The Impact of Christian Charismatic songs of Rev. Fr. S. J. Berchmans on the marginalized Communities in Tamil Nadu, India: A Critical Study”
Academic Session-II
Moderator: Prof. George Menachery
Jeanette Pinto
“The Siddis of Karnataka: The Siddis of Karnataka: From Slavery to Scheduled Tribe”
Pratap Digal
“Konds in Kondhamal: Problems and Prospects”
Charles Dias
“European Descendants in Kerala: A Discriminated Sect”
John Alexander
“Christianity as a Factor in Stamping out of Head Hunting Practice in Nagaland”
Visit to Sacred Heart Theological College/Don Bosco Museum
May 6, 2009
Academic Session-III
Moderator: Thomas Edmunds
P. C. Laltlani
“Women as Marginalized Community within the Mizoram Presbyterian Church”
Santha Prabhuraj
“Missed Dei Marginalis: The Nilgaria: A Case Study”
V. L. Hruaia Khiangte
“Analysis of Sources in the History of Christianity in Mizoram: A Critique from a Mizo Christian Perspective”
Academic Session-IV
Moderator: Dr. Vanlal Chhuanawma
Joan Dias
"Folklore and Oral Tradition As an expression of Progress and Development in South Gujarat”
Alex Mathew
“The Role of Prathyaksha Reksha Daiva Sabha: Emancipation of Dalits with Special Reference to Sri Kumaragurudevan”
George Menachery
“Impact of the Christian Presence on the Situation of Women in 19th Century Kerala”
Sandeep Gaikward
"Safeguarding Historical Churches from Illegal Sale by Bishops/Priests/ Trustees/Board of Directors of Missions in India"
Academic Session-V
Moderator: Fr. Francis Thonippara
George Oommen
“Gandhi’s Early Christian Encounter”
Dr. Thongkhosei Haokip
“Christianity and the Kukis: A Critical Relook”
Kranti Farias
“Within Bounds No More: Christian Work with the Marginaliszed Communities of Maharashtra”
Panel Discussion
“Christianity in North East India: A Vision for the Future”
Chair-Dr. Kranti K. Farias, President, CHAI
Dr. O. L. Snaitang
Rev. Dr. Paul Vadakumpadan
Dr. Vanlal Chhuanawma
Dr. David Syiemlieh
May 7, 2009
Business Session of CHAI
Vote of Thanks
Joint Sitting of Old and New Office - bearers
Site seeing tour of Shillong
--Dr. Jose Kalapura, S. J., General Secretary (Acting), CHAI;
Dr. Kranti K. C. Farias, President, CHAI

Dr. O. L. Snaitang elected CHAI President, Prof. George Menachery General Secretary

At the Church History Association of India (CHAI) Triennial General Body Meeting held at the North Eastern Hill University (NEHU) , Shillong, Dr. O. L. Snaitang (former National Secretary, and now President of the NE India Branch) was elected President.

Rev. "Cardinal" Thomas Edmunds, Tamil Nadu, was elected Vice- President. Prof. George Menachery (former Vice-President) was elected General Secretary of the Association and Dr. Agnes de’Sa, Maharashtra, the Joint Secretary. S. Edathikavil, DVK, Karnataka, was elected the Treasurer. Dr. George Oommen (Deradun) and Dr. Verghese Perayil (Aroor) were also elected to the Board of Trustees of CHAI.

Dr. A. M. Mundadan will continue as the Editor-in-Charge of the ongoing History of Christianity in India project while Dr. Joe Kalappura (Patna) was appointed editor of the CHAI Journal, Indian Church History Review (ICHR).

The 14th Triennial of the Southern India region will be held in Thrissur in October, 2009 while the 15th Triennial of the National Association and the Platinum Jubilee will be hosted by the Southern India Branch.

The Vice-Chancellor of the NEHU, Dr. Pramod Tandon inaugurated the meet, presided over by the President of CHAI, Dr. Kranthi Farias. The Key Note address was delivered by Dr. J. Kalappura, Secretary.

The NE regional president Dr. O. L. Snaitang, NE Branch Secretary and Registrar cum Controller of the NEHU Dr. David Syiemlieh were the main organisers of the meet (ably supported by Ms. Dr. Amena Passah) at which more than 20 papers on the Theme of the Conference "Christianity and the Marginalised in India" were presented by scholars from every region of india.

An Appeal
of the
Church History Association of India
14TH Triennial Conference
Nehru Campus, Shillong, MAY 5-7, 2009

Dear Sir/Madam:
Greetings to you in Christ’s name!
This appeal has reference to the 14 th Triennial Conference of the Church History Association of India (CHAI) that is being held at NEHU Campus, May 5-7, 2009 on the theme: CHRISTIANITY AND THE MARGINALIZED COMMUNITIES IN INDIA. The last Triennial Conference was hosted by the Western India Branch at the Pastoral Institute, Pius X, Old Goa in October 28-31, 2005. The North Eastern Branch of CHAI will host its forthcoming 14 th Triennial Conference and the venue will be the North Eastern Hill University Campus, Shillong 793022. It has been planned to bring out a fitting Souveniron this auspicious occasion.. Articles of historical significance will be published therein. In this connection, we would like you to include your advertisements in the same . The tariffs are as under: -
Back cover full page (colour) Rs. 10,000. 00
Back cover half page (colour) Rs. 7,000. 00
Inside cover full page (colour) Rs. 8,000. 00
Inside cover half page (colour) Rs. 5,000. 00
Inside full page (black & white) Rs. 1,000. 00
Inside half page (black & white) Rs. 600. 00
Inside quarter page (black & white) Rs. 400. 00
May I appeal to you to kindly contribute to the CHAI Branch and send your contribution through DD or Cheque drawn in favour of the Treasurer, Church History Association of India – North Eastern India Branch so as to reach her by the 20th of April 2009. Kindly indicate the type and tariff of the advertisement. Your contribution will help the host Branch in holding a successful Triennial Conference in the larger interest of the participants, the Church, the nation and more importantly of the marginalized communities.
With kind regards. Sincerely yours,
Dr. O. L. Snaitang, Convener & Editor, Souvenir Committee.
Mob. 09856642859, Email:

Important Announcement


Welcome to the 14th Triennial Conference, May 5-7, 2009, Shillong

[Tentative Venue: North Eastern Hill University Campus/Pastoral Centre]

Theme: Christianity and the Marginalised Communities in India 

Conference Invitation
Members of the Church History Association of India and other scholars are invited to participate in the 14th National Triennial Conference of the Church History Association of India (CHAI), which will be held from May 5-7, 2009 at Shillong, Meghalaya.   

Conference Description
In India as elsewhere, the impact of the Christian mission work/evangelization has been great on the marginalized sections of society.

The theme—Christianity and the Marginalized Communities in India—is intended to carry forward serious study on Christianity in India, taking a fresh look at some of the specific engagements and impact of Christianity in India over the past two millennia.  

Apart from the existing studies on Christianity in India, scholars are invited to make further comprehensive, multi-disciplinary studies on any aspect of the theme from diverse perspectives — historical, sociological, anthropological…— on Christianity’s engagement, interaction and impact on the marginalized communities/people groups in India. The focus could be on the community rather than missionary agents in such categories as any:

- period in history - ancient, medieval, modern, or contemporary;

- geographical or linguistic region in India;

- demographic segment such as children, women, students, etc.;

- social class - Dalits, Tribals, B.C., O.B.C. etc.;

- economically deprived section - poor labourers, child labourers, trafficked women, slaves and semi-bonded communities. 

The length of the Paper should not exceed 5000 words (approximately 10 pages (single-spaced 8.5” X 11” (A4 size)-typed pages in 12 pt. Arial or Times New Roman font). computer typed in Microsoft Word format and should be submitted by e-mail to the Co- ordinator, Dr. David R. Syiemlieh or, Dr. O. L. Snaitang on or before April 15, 2009. 
Kindly send without fail your:

1) Participant Attending Form,
2) Registration Fee,
3) Abstract, and
4) Paper, to the Contact Person - Prof. Dr. David R. Syiemlieh ( or Dr. O. L. Snaitang (

Members of CHAI are encouraged to circulate this information among non-member participants.


  • Registration (paying fee (Rs 300/-) and sending Participant Attending Form): March 15, 2009

  • Sending the Abstract of the Paper: March 31, 2009

  • Sending the Paper: April 15, 2009 

Dear CHAI Members,

The 14th Triennial is being organized and hosted by the North-East Branch of CHAI, thanks particularly to particularly the President and Secretary of North East CHAI, Dr. O. L. Snaitang and Prof. Dr. David R. Syiemlieh.

The sessions of the Conference will start in the afternoon of May 5, 2009 and will close by the evening of 7th. Accommodation will be arranged from May 4 evening (earliest) to the morning of May 8, 2009 (latest). Member-delegates and other participants  will have to make onward and return travel arrangements on their own.

For clarifications and further details contact:

Contact Persons

 For all related further details of the Conference (exact venue, confirmation of your participation, arrival, departure, registration, accommodation, Conference Paper presentations…), you are requested to contact :

Prof. Dr. David R. Syiemlieh,

Coordinator, 14th CHAI Triennial Conference 2009,

Controller of Examinations,

North Eastern Hill University,

Umshing – Mawkynroh, Shillong - 793022, Meghalaya

Mob: 09436103103, E-mail:


Dr. O. L. Snaitang,

Kench’s Trace,

Opp. Assamese Girls Secondary School,

Shillong 793004, Meghalaya

Mob. 09856642859, Email:

Acting General Secretary Dr. Jose Kalapura, S. J.

Mob: 09431815826; E-mail: 


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